Preparatory Department for foreigners and stateless persons

Preparatory Department for foreigners and stateless persons of Ternopil State Medical University was founded in November 1998. For this time, there acquired knowledge students from more than 50 countries. About 100 students from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe are enrolled at the Preparatory Department every year.

The main task of the Preparatory Department - preparation of foreign citizens for entering the higher educational institutions of Ukraine for medico-biological direction (licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 527878 of 30 June, 2015).

Duration of training – 1 academic year (10 months). Classes start on the 1st of October. Training takes place in groups of 12 people. Students learn Ukrainian (Russian) language, biology,chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. Students pass exams in Ukrainian (Russian) language and major subjects. All students of the Preparatory Department are provided with hostel. Teachers of the Preparatory Department are highly qualified and have great experience in teaching of foreigners.

After finishing the Preparatory Department and the successful completion of the curriculum, foreigners receive a state certificate, which entitles to continue their studies for medico-biological direction at any university of Ukraine.

While training at the Preparatory Department, the foreign students are adapted to the systems of study at the universities of Ukraine, getting acquainted with Ukrainian history and culture.

Teachers conduct excursions for foreigners to the interesting places of Ukraine.

Traditionally, the students take part in “Shevchenko readings”, the evening "Let's be friends!" and in solemn handing of certificates to graduates.

Staff of the Preparatory Department

Larysa Nalizhyta

Head of Preparatory Department

Oksana Vyshnovska

Teacher of Ukrainian language

Nadiya Gamuga

Teacher of Ukrainian/Russian languages and Country Studies

Galyna Safroniv

Teacher of Ukrainian language and Country Studies

Maryna Tymoshchuk

Teacher of Ukrainian language

Oksana Grom

Teacher of biology

Oksana Tarasiuk

Teacher of chemistry

Svitlana Gural

Teacher of physics, mathematics and computer science


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